Photo of a tree-lined street in an urban setting.

Energy-Saving Trees Program

The Energy-Saving Trees Program is putting the energy saving attributes of trees “top-of-mind” in the eyes of utility customers. Planting shade trees for energy efficiency is already helping big and small communities improve energy efficiency.
At the beginning of 2016, the Florida Forest Service, the Arbor Day Foundation and the Florida Urban Forestry Council partnered to help utility company customers throughout the State of Florida take advantage of this program by providing a free tree to homeowners who signed up to participate. These trees help lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. The benefits of these 9,997 trees are shown in the image below.


The 2016-2017 Energy-Saving Trees Program commences with Phase II of the tree give-a-ways in October. At this point, the tree-give-a-ways will be limited to utility customers located within the service areas of the following utilities: City of New Smyrna Utilities Commission, Lakeland Electric, and Ocala Utilities Commission. The City of Sanford and its residents will also be participating in this program.

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