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Who We Are


President: Linda Seufert
(Elected Position/Member-at-Large) 
City of St. Petersburg - Parks Department

President Elect: Gene Dempsey
(Appointed Position/Advisory)

Treasurer: John Foltz
(Appointed Position/Advisory Member) 
Retired - University of Florida – Department of Entomology and Nematology  (Gainesville)

Secretary: Leah Hoffman
(Appointed Position/Florida Recreation and Park Association) 
Marion County Parks and Recreation  (Ocala) 

Immediate Past President: Justin Freedman
(Appointed Position/Advisory Member) 
E Sciences, Inc.  (Fort Lauderdale)

Board Member: Joe Anderson
(Elected Position/Member-at-Large)
JEA  (Jacksonville)

Board Member: Kathy Beck
(Appointed Position/Advisory Member)
City of Tampa – Planning and Urban Design

Board Member: Jody Buyas
(Elected Position/Member-at-Large)
Keep Orlando Beautiful 

Board Member: Commissioner Cheryl Cook
(Appointed Position/Florida League of Cities)
City of North Point

Board Member: Jim Davis
(Appointed Position/Cooperative Extension)
Sumter County Extension Office (Sumterville)

Board Member: Steve Edgar
(Appointed Position/Society of American Foresters) 
Long Leaf Forest Service, Inc.  (DeLeon Springs)

Board Member: Erin Givens
(Appointed Position/Advisory) 
NRPS Legacy Arborist Services (San Antonio)

Board Member: Elizabeth Harkey
(Elected Position/City Arborist) 
City of Sanford – Parks and Grounds

Board Member: John Harris
(Appointed Position/Advisory Member) 
Earth Advisors, Inc.  (Hollywood)

Board Member: Julie Iooss
(Appointed Position/Florida Chapter ISA) 
City of Orlando – Parks Division

Board Member: Gayle Lafferty
(Elected Position/Member-at-Large) 
City of Melbourne – Planning Department

Board Member: Mark Miller
(Elected Position/Member-at-Large) 
City of Apopka – Recreation Department  

Board Member: Guy Murtonen
(Appointed Position/Florida Department of Transportation) 
Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise  (Ocoee)

Board Member: Jerry Renick
(Appointed Position/Advisory Member) 
Wantman Group  (West Palm Beach)

Board Member: Anthony Santangelo
(Elected Position/Private Arborist) 

Board Member: Michael Schulte, RLA
(Appointed Position/FL ASLA) 
AECOM (Tampa)

Board Member: John Springer
(Elected Position/Tree Advocacy) 
Enchanted Walkabouts  (Apopka)

Board Member: David Watford
(Elected Position/Utility Forester)
SECO Energy (Sumertville)

(Appointed Position/Advisory) 

(Appointed Position/FNGLA) 

Liaison:  Lou Shepherd
Florida Forest Service (Tallahassee)

Sandy TempleExecutive Director 
Florida Urban Forestry Council 
Post Office Box 547993 
Orlando, FL 32854-7993 
Phone – 407-872-1738 
FAX – 407-872-6868

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