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FUFC Speaker's Bureau

Florida Urban Forestry Council Speaker’s Bureau

Florida’s trees have a voice, a voice that is revealed through the Speaker’s Bureau of the Florida Urban Forestry Council (FUFC). Distinguished speakers have knowledge, expertise, and experience to share. They include tree care professionals, arborists, foresters, horticulturalists, landscape architects, parks and recreation managers, educators, tree advocates, and tree-minded enthusiasts. You can find speakers from municipalities, utilities, campuses, advocacy groups, community organizations, urban forestry related businesses, and others who understand the intrinsic value, and deep-seeded splendor trees bring to the Sunshine state.

Notable speakers may be called upon to speak out at community events, organized meetings, agency or municipal workshops, educational programs, or other meetings where a voice for urban trees is relevant. We are ready to lead discussions and present information relating to trees and urban forest communities.

Expand the voice of trees. Be heard. Become a member. The FUFC Speaker’s Bureau continues to branch out, adding speakers, talent, topics, and experts to its rank and file. If you are willing to promote the value, enhancement, and sound management of community trees and urban forests, people want to know who you are.

Perhaps your name should be added to our list of speakers.

To apply simply provide us your:

  • Contact information – Name, address, email, and telephone number.
  • Area(s) of expertise and/or speaking topics – Tree biology, tree identification, plant health care, urban forestry, tree risk assessment, proper pruning, utilities & trees, or other related topics.
  • Geographic region of Florida, or counties, to which you are willing to travel.

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