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2021 Friends of Our Urban Forest Awards

The Friends of Our Urban Forest Awards program recognizes achievements of organizations and individuals in their efforts to manage, promote, educate, and advocate for urban forests in their communities. Please consider submitting an application for an outstanding professional, outstanding tree advocate or advocacy group, outstanding project, outstanding urban forestry program, outstanding ulitity or outstanding tree ordinance. We all want to learn about the outstanding urban forestry being done in your community.


Nominations for the 2021 Friends of Our Urban Forest Awards Program are now being accepted. To apply, download an entry form or apply online. Nominations are due Friday, October 29, 2021. Nominations will be accepted in the following categories:

Recognition of a professional individual for his or her contribution to urban forestry activities and arboricultural practices. Nominees include municipal foresters, private arborists, utility arborists, growers, and educators.

Recognition of an individual or organization in organizing, motivating and/or stimulating urban forestry activities, landscape beautification, tree plantings, tree maintenance, tree preservation and /or public tree education programs within the community. Examples of nominees include community leaders, elected officials, exceptional volunteers, local nonprofit organizer, tree boards, beautification committees, tree advocate groups, garden clubs, youth groups, and homeowner associations.

Recognition of a residential, commercial or public project that demonstrates tree preservation, tree planting, tree maintenance, or environmentally-sound planning or design. Nominees should come from local governments, developers, landscape architects, engineers, architects, planners, builders, arborists, and landscape contractors.

Recognition of an individual, local government, boards or committees, youth groups, or homeowner associations who have demonstrated and organized urban forestry programs or activities within their community. These activities may include providing public education, establishing quality design and implementation of maintenance practices, tree planting, and tree preservation. Unique partnerships and citizen involvement are a component to instilling quality and meaningful community understanding of the urban forest. Consideration is given to community population and those currently active in the Tree City USA program.

Recognition of an outstanding tree ordinance designed to regulate various aspects of tree planting, removal, and maintenance on public or private properties. Ordinances should promote the protection, preservation and enhancement of an urban forest or community trees and the environmental, social and economic benefits trees provide. Examples of nominees include municipalities, counties, military bases, school campuses—both public and private, and homeowner associations.

Recognition of an outstanding utility that demonstrates best practices of utility arboriculture. Utility should promote the value of vegetation management when enhancing the quality of utility service and urban and peri-urban tree canopies. Utility should demonstrate strong attributes in safety, quality tree care, integrated vegetation management (IVM), storm preparation and response, communications, and public education. Consideration is given to those currently active in the Tree Line USA® program.

Recognition of an individual for their career-long distinguished service and dedication to the advancement of Urban Forestry.


You may submit your applications through the mail or online.



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