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John P. White Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sponsored by:
Florida Chapter International Society of Arboriculture
Florida Urban Forestry Council

John WhiteJohn P. White is remembered for his generous giving spirit as both the Florida Chapter ISA’s Tree Fund Liaison and a dedicated member of the Florida Urban Forestry Council’s Executive Committee as well as for his contributions to the annual Trees Florida Conference. He had a zeal for life and steadfast passion for arboriculture and urban forestry. It is our organizations’ desire that the recipient of this scholarship will reflect John’s passion and continue to carry the torch on behalf of these fields.

The John P. White Memorial Scholarship was established to support education in the arboriculture/urban forestry industry through scholarships in the sum of $1,250.00 per semester for qualifying students. It is hoped that the John P. White Memorial Scholarship will provide deserving students the opportunity to develop into a new generation of dedicated individuals for the arboriculture/urban forestry industry of tomorrow.

Purpose Statement

The John P. White Memorial Scholarship was created to encourage students to pursue careers in Florida’s arboriculture/urban forestry industry or a related field by providing financial assistance for undergraduate, postgraduate or other advanced education programs. The intent is to provide financial assistance for qualified students to gain expertise and experience, earn post high school degrees and become active members and leaders in the industry.


Applicants may be an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student planning to or currently attending a community college, college or university. The student must be enrolled full-time, part-time or place-bound in an arboriculture or urban forestry program or related field with the intent to graduate in that field. Awards recipients are eligible to reapply for the scholarship each semester.


Students must return all of the following to the John P. White Memorial Scholarship Committee by the deadline of June 15th for the fall term and November 15th for the spring term.  Recipients will be notified of selection by July 31st for the fall term and January 1st for the spring term.

  1. Completed scholarship application.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from someone on the faculty of your school who will evaluate your abilities as a student, from a professional member of the arboriculture/urban forestry industry or related field or from someone you have worked for.
  3. Biographical essay (maximum 500 words) that includes the following: work or classroom experience with arboriculture/urban forestry or related field, what area of arboriculture/urban forestry or related field that you are interested in pursuing, what you plan to do after graduation, and why you are qualified to receive the John P. White Memorial Scholarship.

To Apply: To be considered for a scholarship, please download, complete and submit the John P. White Scholarship Fund Application Form.



Fall 2021 - Stefano Alvernia
Spring 2021 - Carolyn Cheatham Rhodes
Fall 2020 - Deborah Hilbert
Spring 2020 - Ryan Klein
Fall 2019 - Ryan Krammes
Spring 2019 - No applications received
Fall 2018 - Deborah Hilbert
Spring 2018 - Seth Blair
Fall 2017 - Deborah Hilbert
Spring 2017 - Jeffery Van Treese
Fall 2016 - Daniel Lippi
Spring 2016 - No applications received
Fall 2015 - Ryan Klein
Spring 2015 - Ryan Klein
Fall 2014 - John Roberts
Spring 2014 - No applications received
Fall 2013 - No applications received
Spring 2013 - Ryan Vogel
Fall 2012 - Jason Miesbauer
Spring 2012 - Jason Miesbauer
Fall 2011 - Jason Miesbauer
Fall 2010 - Don Spence
Spring 2010 - Andy Capuano
Fall 2009 - Keith Kettner
Spring 2009 - Melissa Friedman


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